Redneck Hardtails ride better than most slammed softails!  The long wheelbase is very forgiving and smoothes out most of the bumps.  You really won’t believe it until you get a chance to ride one for yourself.

 FCA (FOR CANDY ASSES) Frames with suspension

 We have been asked for years:   Why dont you make a soft tail?

Our reply:  When we catch up on hardtails we will!

 That time has come!  Due to our expansion into the new barn and a few more hands for production, our capacity has increased enough to do it. But in typical Redneck fashion, if we are going to do it, we are going to do it our way!


 If you want the hardtail look, without any sacrifice of ride, this is your frame.  Developed to look just like our original big tube Lowlife and Gettinhigh frames.  It is hard to tell that this frame has shocks.  Tucked under in typical fashion, Nobody worked with the geometry a little to provide a very forgiving ride with out feeling mushy.  Then he narrowed the center section so the hinge is hard to see.  The seat pan is designed to give the hardtail look when the bike is at rest, but soft padding on the back of the pan is compressed as the suspension works.   This is one clean frame!


 If you are looking for the ultimate ride and want to stand out in the crowd, the innovative Mono Shock frame should be at the top of your list.  Similar in profile to our Screw This show bike. Nobody incorporated the long arcs of our patented Curves frame with a coil over shock and arched double tube swingarm.  Shock geometry was CAD designed to yeild one of the finest riding bikes we have ever been on. 


The Worlds Baddest Bagger

"Touring Custom"